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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Soundproof Curtains for Your Home




Best Soundproof Curtains block out the light, heat, and cold, and due to their triple weave technology which embeds a layer of dense black yarn between two polyester panels, they also provide a significant noise reduction, just like many of the other products on this list.

To block outdoor noise from entering your residence, it is important to address the windows. Make sure to weatherstrip the windows as much as possible, then cover them with materials that provide sound absorption and mass.

Our top-of-the-line soundproof curtains will provide you with both acoustic and aesthetic benefits.

The majority of these products prove to be great all-in-one options.

Curtains can do more than just reduce noise levels; they also act as a barrier to light, making your home more energy efficient. Furthermore, they can add a touch of flair to your living space, creating a new and welcoming atmosphere.

Therefore, let us start the search for curtains that will perfectly complement your style and needs.

Soundproof Curtains Definition

Upon initial inspection, soundproof curtains appear similar to conventional window treatments. Nevertheless, they have been constructed to diminish the level of sound within an enclosed space.

Those unfamiliar with soundproof curtains may question their efficacy.

At first glance, soundproof curtains may appear to be similar to traditional curtains, however, they are constructed of denser and heavier material. Moreover, their unique design consists of multiple layers of fabric which offer a substantial level of sound reduction.

Soundproof curtains manufactured by various companies typically utilize polyester, velvet, and satin, often with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. This provides a wide selection of options for any decor.

It is straightforward to locate acoustically insulated draperies that complement the appearance of your residence!

Soundproof curtains can be easily incorporated into any home setting. Simply install a standard curtain rod and hang the curtains over any window or doorway. These types of curtains are designed to reduce noise levels in even the busiest of residential areas, but they also offer a sound-dampening effect to even the quietest of suburban households.

Installing soundproof curtains in your bedroom can yield noticeable results.

Soundproof curtains are not limited to just bedrooms, but can also be utilized in nurseries, kid’s rooms, home cinemas, and man caves. Furthermore, custom-made curtains can be specifically designed to meet individual requirements.

Do Soundproof Curtains Function Effectively?

Upon first hearing about soundproof curtains, I was initially hesitant. If you are similarly questioning the efficacy of these curtains, you are likely wondering: do soundproof curtains work to reduce unwanted noise, or are they purely decorative? It is a fair inquiry.

It is difficult to provide a concrete answer, as the outcome is largely dependent on the volume of the noise and the desired outcome.

Although soundproof curtains are thicker and denser than traditional varieties, they are unable to fully eliminate all existing sounds. Therefore, it is essential to take additional measures to ensure complete sound insulation.

Soundproof curtains can effectively absorb reverberations within a space, in addition, to diminishing exterior noise levels.

Soundproof curtains are constructed with a soft, porous, and/or fluffy material, which absorbs the soundwaves to reduce the noise. Although this material is not dense enough to block out sound entirely, it does provide a significant amount of sound dampening.

Despite this, it can be said that the room has a more serene atmosphere than before.

For optimal noise cancellation, it is recommended to combine soundproof curtains with window plugs to achieve the best possible results. Self-installation of these items should be considered for maximum effect.

Buy Your Best Soundproof Curtains with this Guide

  • Measure the size of the window or door that you want to soundproof before purchasing soundproof curtains.
  • Consider the material of the curtains, as some materials are better at blocking sound than others.
  • Look for curtains with a high density, as this can also help block sound.
  • Consider the thickness and weight of the curtains, as heavier curtains can provide more soundproofing.
  • Make sure to purchase a sturdy curtain rod that can support the weight of the soundproof curtains.

Measure The Size of The Area

Before making a trip to the store, it is essential to ascertain the exact measurements of the curtains desired. Fortunately, it is a straightforward process; simply follow these instructions.

To begin, you need to select the location for hanging your curtains. Afterward, utilize a measuring tape to acquire the measurements of the length, height, and width of the area.

When purchasing regular curtains, the main factor to consider is ensuring the size matches that of the window or door. With soundproof curtains, however, it is recommended to select curtains that are slightly larger than the window or door in both width and length.

The size of your curtains can have a major impact on their effectiveness.

It is important to ensure accurate measurements when selecting soundproof curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor. 84-inch curtains typically end just above the floor, avoiding the risk of tripping or slipping.

Shorter curtains may suffice, however, longer curtains are preferable for sound insulation.

Material of The Curtains

When selecting soundproof curtains, one of the most critical considerations is the materials used in their construction. Different curtains are manufactured with a variety of materials, making it difficult to determine which is most suitable.

When selecting curtains, aim to look for those with additional fibers woven into the fabric.

Soundproof curtains are commonly crafted from polyester, suede, velvet, and cotton duck fabric. All of these materials are effective in reducing noise, so one’s selection would ultimately depend on personal preference.

For superior soundproofing, consider curtains with insulated, thermal weave, or thermal layer layers. These curtains are designed with additional layers of fabric to dramatically reduce noise levels.

In addition, these materials have excellent insulation properties, providing a comfortable environment in both the winter and summer months.

Density, Thickness, and Weight

When selecting a soundproof curtain, the density, thickness, and weight of the material should be carefully evaluated to ensure its efficacy.

If soundproofing is a priority, investing in heavier and thicker curtains is recommended, as they are more effective at absorbing sound.

The density and mass of the curtain are essential considerations, as heavier curtains are more effective at soundproofing than lighter and thinner ones.

We recommend utilizing double or even triple layers of curtains to achieve improved sound cancellation. However, due to their heaviness, we advise enlisting assistance when hanging curtains to ensure their secure installation.

Sturdy Curtain Rod

It is essential to evaluate the strength of the existing curtain rods, as soundproof curtains tend to be heavier than standard curtains. As previously noted, these curtains may be compatible with the installed rods; however, it is important to ensure that they are sufficiently robust.

When unsure of the strength of existing curtain rods, it is prudent to acquire stronger ones to ensure safety. Prevention is better than cure.

When it comes to soundproof curtains, two types of curtain rods exist wrap-around rods and ceiling-mount brackets.

Curved wrap-around rods (like this one) offer a practical and straightforward installation, with no brackets needed. These rods are attached to walls in a curved fashion, allowing the curtain to span across the window securely with a snug fit.

The installation of this will reduce any space between the wall and curtain, leading to increased soundproofing.

Mounting ceiling brackets are a great way to maximize the soundproofing of curtains. For optimal placement, it is recommended that they be mounted as close to the window as possible. This can be easily accomplished via Amazon, with the right hardware and instructions.

Ensure curtains are properly secured as close to the window as possible to minimize sound infiltration; this will reduce the amount of noise that can enter the room.

For additional noise insulation, double rods can be utilized with multiple layers of curtains.

Install Your Soundproof Curtains

When installing soundproof curtains, the correct placement of the curtain rods is essential. We recommend extending the rod beyond the window frame by a few inches to ensure maximum sound absorption. This additional coverage ensures that the curtains can effectively muffle external sounds.

It is recommended that the rod be placed no less than 6 inches above the window frame for optimal placement. The higher the rod is placed about the ceiling, the more ideal the installation.

This step-by-step guide provides instructions for installing a curtain rod and hanging soundproof curtains.

Before beginning the installation process, please take the time to read the instructions included with your curtains. Although this may seem obvious, it is an essential and frequently neglected step.

consider the pros and cons of soundproof curtains

The installation of soundproof curtains can provide many benefits, however, it is important to note that there may be some drawbacks associated with this option.

Soundproof curtains are a popular choice for many due to their ability to provide a high level of noise reduction. Additionally, the thick fabric of these curtains blocks out any light from outside, creating a dark and cozy atmosphere often referred to as blackout curtains.

The use of light-blocking curtains can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending on the situation. Bedrooms, in particular, can benefit greatly from soundproof curtains due to the privacy they afford. However, care should be taken when installing them in spaces that require natural lighting, as this could be detrimental to the intended purpose.

The installation of soundproof curtains in a home office could potentially result in a darker room environment.

Additionally, soundproof curtains provide an extra layer of thermal protection due to their density. In the winter, they can help to maintain warmth, while keeping out hot air in the summer.

Soundproof curtains offer a variety of stylish options, however, they must be made from materials of sufficient density and thickness to effectively reduce sound transmission. Therefore, while there are many attractive designs available, the material type must be carefully chosen to ensure desired results.

Due to the effort that may be required, integrating soundproof curtains into your home decor may require some effort; however, it should not be overly burdensome.

Taking into account the various benefits and drawbacks of soundproof curtains, it is clear that they offer a unique way to mitigate undesired noise.

Best Soundproof Curtains on The Market

To ensure the best fit for soundproof curtains in the desired space, begin by taking measurements. We’ll include the dimensions of each curtain option to make it easier to compare.

We would suggest selecting floor-length curtains for the desired effect, as this will enable you to use them for both windows and walls.

Along with the previously mentioned advantages, it is important to take individual preference and the current décor of the space into consideration. Fortunately, soundproof curtains are available in a wide array of colors and designs, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Having established that, let us proceed to the reviews.

H.VERSAILTEX crafted Linen Blackout Soundproof Curtains

My list features two brands: NICETOWN and H.VERSAILTEX. These curtains provide thermal insulation and noise reduction and are crafted from polyester fabric. In addition, they boast a unique feature.

Specifically, the threading and weaving of the material should emulate the appearance and sensibility of linen, adding a unique aesthetic quality to the curtains.

These curtains are available in 2-panel packages, with each panel measuring 52 inches wide. However, the selection of sizes is more limited than that of the previous product, with only 18, 84, 96, and 108-inch lengths available.

All panels being of the same width, each will be fitted with eight 1.6-inch copper grommets.

I suggest considering floor-length curtains as a multi-functional solution for your walls. Moreover, soundproof curtains are a great way to conceal the soundproofing elements used on the walls.

MLV and soundproof blankets can be applied to wall surfaces and complemented with curtains to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and sound-attenuating environment.

A plethora of colors is available for your selection. These curtains can be found in a wide array of white, beige, tan, brown, gray, and blue shades to ensure your room will have a chic look when hung.

One should anticipate a color disparity between the front and back sides.

Due to the thickness of soundproof curtains, manufacturers are increasingly marketing them as protection from both the sun and UV rays. They are also highly efficient insulators of thermal energy, and these curtains are no exception.

Discover the H.Versailtex Insulated Curtains on Amazon, offering superior insulation and style.

control noise with Miuco Room Darkening Curtains

All the items on this list have excellent soundproofing capabilities. As such, I am in search of any distinguishing features that will set these products apart from the rest.

The prior examples showcased the variety of thermally lined fabric, as well as velvet and linen imitations. What drew me to Miuco curtains, however, is the impressive selection of colors available.

Upon inspection, these items are available in a variety of 18 hues. Six of these fall into the white to the black range, while the other six span different shades of green, yellow, and blue. The last six consist of pink, orange, red, purple, and analogous tones.

The back of the panels is constructed of the same material as the front, ensuring that the colors are consistent.

I believe these options are ideal for individuals desiring to coordinate their curtains with their interior decor. As opposed to repainting the walls, these curtains can be utilized as an alternative. The range of colors available is yet another fascinating aspect of these curtains.

These soundproof curtains feature all the standard components, such as thickness and density to block out light and noise, and they even provide some thermal insulation. What I appreciate most is the inclusion of ties, which allow you to neatly gather the curtains on the sides of your windows.

The 3-inch wide bottom hem is further reinforced with weights to ensure an optimal drape of the fabric, a thoughtful addition to the garment.

This product is sold in pairs of 2 panels, each measuring 52 inches in width. It is offered in 3 different lengths: 63 inches (5.25 feet); 84 inches (7 feet); and 95 inches (8 feet).

Search for Miuco Soundproof Curtains on Amazon for superior noise reduction.

NICETOWN reduced noise with black-lining curtains

NICETOWN is renowned for providing a wide selection of superior home decor products, including thermal insulation curtains. Consequently, two of their products are featured on this list. These curtains have earned their place with distinction.

Our polyester curtains are sold in 2-panel packages and come in various sizes. Keep in mind that the dimensions refer to a single panel; therefore, a 52-inch wide curtain would be necessary to cover a 104-inch window.

It is recommended to make the window slightly narrower than the curtains for optimal results.

These curtains are distinguished by the black lining that provides thermal insulation. This assists in keeping the warm air out in the summer, and retaining the heat during the winter.

If you’re looking to maintain a classic look, these curtains may not be the best choice. With a large selection of colors from beige to burgundy to navy, the black insulation on the reverse side is something to keep in mind. If that detail is a non-starter, please review the next option.

Nevertheless, the addition of the blackout lining will significantly increase the curtains’ capacity to reduce noise levels. Furthermore, when the two densely woven layers are merged, no light will enter the room’s interior.

NICETOWN offers a range of sizes for these curtains. The panels linked are 52 inches wide and 95 inches long, however, the same width is offered in 45, 63, 72, and 84-inch lengths. Other options are 63 and 84-inch long 42-inch wide panels, as well as 84-inch long, 100-inch wide ones.

The quantity of 1.6-inch silver-hued grommets along the upper edge of the panel is contingent upon the panel’s width.

Investigate NICETOWN’s Noise Reducing Curtains available on Amazon.

Deconovo designed the Blackout Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains

Deconovo Blackout curtains are a top choice of mine for a variety of reasons. They come in an array of vibrant shades to choose from, however, the most popular colors are often the first to go.

If you find yourself attracted to shades of green, blue, and pink, I suggest making a purchase promptly.

For those who prefer a more low-key look, there are plenty of neutral-hued options available. Many of the soundproof curtains on this list are constructed from 100% polyester, ensuring a muted aesthetic. Additionally, there are more unique shades and color combinations that can be found to suit one’s decorating preferences.

Moreover, the exterior and interior are composed of the same material and shade, an uncommon discovery.

Deconovo’s curtains feature a triple-weave construction, providing a 3-ply construction with a dense black yarn in the middle layer. This is consistent with the standard for many of the other brands.

The terminology used to describe these products typically refers to the density of the fabric, which provides a reliable defense against noise, light, and energy loss. Though this may have been a novel concept at one point, it has since become a standard feature in today’s market.

When making a selection, these curtains are available in widths of 42 and 52 inches, with lengths of 45, 54, 63, 72, 84, and 95 inches for the 52-inch size. Three styling methods are available with the purchase of these curtains.

The manufacturer suggests affixing the curtains to the rod by utilizing the tabs located along the top of the backside, by creating a rod pocket with the top hem, or by employing clip rings.

Explore Deconovo Blackout Curtains on Amazon.

NICETOWN dampened sound with Velvet Curtains

The inclusion of two NICETOWN curtains on this list is motivated by their exceptional performance in thermal insulation, privacy protection, and noise reduction; thus making them a clear choice in comparison to the other products reviewed.

These curtains are distinct from any other product in that they are crafted to look like velvet.

A plethora of dynamic colors are available, including sleek black, deep blues, vivacious reds, glamorous golds, and more muted tones. The luxurious texture gives an added sheen to each color, making the curtains truly eye-catching.

It is important to note that only the front of the curtains is composed of velvet fabric; the back is composed of regular fabric. This is a common occurrence with velvet materials, and especially noteworthy with soundproof curtains.

The thermal insulation capabilities of these curtains are distinct in comparison to other NICETOWN products that I have analyzed. The former utilizes a black thermal liner, while these curtains feature a robust microfiber coating that offers protection from extreme temperatures.

Glass windows are often the most exposed part of our walls regarding both weather and sound, so I find the thermal capabilities of these products to be of great advantage.

When selecting curtains, it is important to ensure they are adequately sized to cover the entire window and surrounding area. Fortunately, these curtains come in lengths of 84 and 96 inches and can provide complete coverage.

The panels measure 52 inches in width and are supplied in pairs.

These curtains are offered in two sizes and two application methods. The 1.6-inch silver ring grommets provide a sleek and modern look, while the rod pocket can be used with 3-inch curtain rods for more traditional styling.

Check out the NICETOWN Soundproof Velvet Curtains available on Amazon.

Best Home Fashion blocked noise with their curtains

It may be challenging to find an alternative to the curtain panel we just discussed, but let’s explore some options. If you were impressed with the soundproofing capabilities of Deconovo’s selection, but not so much with the sizing or coloring possibilities, Best Home Fashion may be worth considering.

These curtains offer superior protection from light, heat, and cold due to their triple-weave construction. Embedding a layer of dense black yarn between two polyester panels provides an extra layer of insulation and also reduces sound levels significantly.

Moreover, I am confident that these curtains are amongst the most diverse when it comes to color selection. With 31 solid hues to choose from, these curtains provide an array of options.

You have an array of colors to choose from, including neutrals, pastels, and various vivid tones, enabling you to create whatever aesthetic you desire.

This product evoked memories of the Deconovo curtains due to its versatility in terms of hanging options. The top edge can be used as a rod pocket, while the back features convenient tabs for hanging up the drapes.

This product typically comes in packs of two panels, with varying sizes. The specific model I have provided is 52 inches in width and 72 inches in length; however, other sizes are available for the 52-inch wide panels, including 54, 63, 84, and 96 inches.

An additional option is these curtains in a 40-inch width; however, these are only available in 63 and 84-inch lengths.

Explore the Selection of Home Fashion Curtains Available on Amazon.

reduce noise with Dreaming Casa Velvet Curtains

These Dreaming Casa curtains feature a luxurious velvet finish on the front panel, adding a hint of grandeur to any room. Unfortunately, the back panel is not covered with the same luxurious material, instead being constructed with a plain gray fabric.

Despite this, the hems along the bottom and sides of the curtains are wide enough to hide this detail should the wind cause them to move.

The triple weave fabric used in the construction of these curtains is the primary factor that allows them to provide room-darkening capabilities. Not only will it afford you greater privacy, but it will also increase the overall energy efficiency of your space.

During the summer, curtains serve as a barrier to keep out light and heat, and also help retain warmth in the winter. However, their primary purpose is to provide soundproofing.

The positive outcome is that you will receive the curtains. With the multiple layers and heavy material, you should be confident in the soundproofing capabilities of the curtains.

If you choose to buy this product, you will receive two panels in a selection of five widths and four lengths. The widths available are 42, 52, 72, 84, and 100 inches, while the lengths range from 63 to 108 inches.

This luxurious velvet fabric is available in twelve distinct colors, ranging from vibrant shades of pink and blue to more subtle hues. The option of using either rod pocket or back tabs allows for the simple installation of curtains.

Rods up to 2.3 inches in diameter should be compatible with both.

Purchase Casa Velvet Curtain Set from Amazon.

The curtains darken and reduce noise in the ECLIPSE Fresno Room

Eclipse’s Fresno curtains offer a sophisticated, understated look to any room, with six neutral color options including black, charcoal, navy, espresso, mushroom, and wheat. These shades are perfect for those looking for a subtle gray or brown tone with a hint of blue.

Ideally, both panels of the curtains match in hue.

Customers must order two curtain panels if they wish to have split drapes. Our 52-inch wide curtains come in lengths of 63, 84, 95, and 108 inches and should be selected based on the size of their windows or doors. It is important to ensure the curtains are large enough to cover the windows or doors adequately.

When selecting curtains, consider measurements.

The manufacturer’s proprietary thermal weave technology utilized in these soundproof curtains enables almost complete darkness, akin to the triple weave design commonly seen in many other products.

In this instance, the material is blended with a microfiber polyester that is capable of absorbing up to 40% of ambient noise. Despite its lightweight, it should still be able to reduce sound levels to a certain degree.

These curtains can be easily hung up using the pocket along the top of the panel; thus, any imperfection in the curtain rod of 2.5 inches in diameter or less will be concealed.

This product offers a variety of advantages.

Explore the selection of ECLIPSE Fresno Curtains available on Amazon.

RYB HOME created 3-in-1 Thermal Blackout Soundproof Curtains

The RYB HOME 3-in-1 curtains are an effective product that utilizes black thermal fabric for darkening purposes. These panels come in three shades – beige, gray, and white – and offer a consistent color on both sides.

It may be necessary to remove the felt material before washing your curtains. When washing, drying or ironing the polyester drapes, be sure to use non-chlorine bleach and low temperature.

Once you are prepared to affix the felt layer, ensure the hook-and-loop fasteners on the feet are in alignment with the ones in the panels. This task should be completed in a matter of seconds.

The curtains feature 1.6-inch silver grommets along the top edge, so ensure that the curtain rod is of equal or lesser diameter. The product includes two 52-inch panels, though various other lengths are available, including 63, 84, 95, and 108-inch sizes.

Explore the RYB HOME 3-in-1 Curtain Collection on Amazon.

blackout, thermally insulating, and soundproof curtains with Yakamok

Having observed several varieties of curtains featuring equivalent fabrics on both sides, let us now turn our attention to drapes that do not possess this advantage. To illustrate, the Yakamok blackout curtains, with two layers of fabric, are the first product featured on this list.

One of them is visible as a black line.

The lining of this type of curtain provides remarkable acoustic insulation, with a noticeable decrease in the amount of noise that can penetrate through when compared to traditional curtains or even an exposed window.

These curtains must serve to both reduce noise and block out any light from passing through the windows.

The black layer of some soundproof curtains serves to aid in the thermal insulation of the windows; however, it is uncertain why some have the black layer exposed while others have it sewn between layers of fabric.

I am confident that the soundproof curtains I purchased are as advertised. Therefore, I do not feel it is necessary to perform any further testing to confirm their effectiveness. Instead, I choose to trust the expertise of the manufacturers.

The testimonies of my peers and their assessments are sufficient evidence for me.

This product link features a variety of curtains, but I have chosen to concentrate on the 2-ply variety. Customers can select from 8 attractive colors, including both classic shades and unique hues like lilac and aqua. All panels are 52 inches in width and can be purchased in lengths of 63, 84, and 96 inches.

Discover the Yakamok Blackout Soundproof Curtains on Amazon, designed to provide maximum sound mitigation and light reduction.

WONTEX created noise-reducing and sun-blocking curtains

This WONTEX blackout curtain is a straightforward two-ply construction with a black fabric backing. Its three-layer weighted polyester lining provides optimal performance in both light blocking and noise reduction.

The noteworthy design feature of the curtains is that the front and back layers are not connected along the bottom seam; rather, each layer has its hem.

You can customize the look of your curtains more easily by having an open seam at the bottom of the panels. This allows for the addition of extra layers of fabric or even Mass Loaded Vinyl to be incorporated into the panel.

To join these materials, the use of hook-and-loop tape (commonly known as Velcro) is recommended, especially near the top seam. This idea was not conceived by me but was already in use in a previously reviewed product.

The pocket seam is 2.75 inches in height, providing ample room for a range of curtain rods. The product description only specifies that it will accommodate 1.6 and 1.7-inch rods, which are the most popular size.

These curtains come in a variety of sizes and colors, offering two widths (42 and 52 inches) and five lengths (45 to 84 inches) in thirteen solid colors. These include the classic black, grey, white, and tan shades, as well as navy, royal blue, and burgundy. All curtains are sold in pairs.

The manufacturer has additionally provided dynamic colors such as pink, purple, and red for a stimulating experience.

WONTEX Curtains on Amazon

the flamingo double-layer blackout-lined curtains

Flamingo’s double-layered soundproof curtains feature an open-bottom design. The front and back fabrics are connected along the top and side seams, leaving the bottom open. This allows for the customization of the curtains, as previously mentioned.

The black material in the back is a sustainable solution for protecting your home from the sun’s UV rays. The manufacturer confirms that this lining is environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde.

In addition to obstructing the majority of external light, this should also assist in attenuating noise levels. Utilizing additional materials in the middle would certainly increase the likelihood of successful noise reduction.

The curtains are comprised of luxurious faux silk material, available in nine different shades, including brown, khaki, wheat, and gray. For a splash of vibrancy, customers may also select from navy, plum, and cardinal red.

Flamingo offers two distinct styles of white curtains; each complete with either a standard black thermal lining or a white lining for a tailored look. To top it off, there are several additional products to choose from.

Panels measuring 52 inches are available in six different lengths, from 45 to 108 inches. As they come in pairs, the curtain rod must be no less than 104 inches in length and no more than 1.25 inches in diameter for the 1.6-inch bronze grommets to slide smoothly.

Explore the selection of Flamingo Soundproof Curtains available on Amazon.

DriftAway Noise Canceling Blackout Curtain Liner

This white DriftAway curtain liner may not be aesthetically appealing, but it does serve its purpose. It is designed to make other curtains thicker, thus providing more effective noise reduction. This is why it is included in the list, even though it is not a soundproof curtain.

I would strongly recommend pairing soundproof curtains with other window treatments.

This product utilizes triple weave technology, consisting of two layers of white polyester with a layer of high-density black yarn sandwiched in between. This is a common feature of many soundproof curtains reviewed today.

This liner can be placed behind existing drapes to provide blackout and soundproof features. It also offers thermal insulation, allowing for light and noise reduction as well as insulation.

When discussing the installation of these curtains, it is important to consider the sizing. These curtains come in packs of two panels that measure 50 inches in width and can be 58, 80, or 92 inches in length. This variation in sizes may be of some interest to note, as it differs from the sizes we have seen previously.

The panels are designed to be discretely hung behind the main curtains, and feature metal rings, making them slightly smaller than standard curtains. The rings can be hooked onto the rod between the primary curtain’s grommets.

An alternative option is to affix the curtain onto a double curtain rod positioned behind the main drapes.

Explore the DriftAway Insulated Curtain Liner available on Amazon.

HLC.ME the Complete Blackout Double-Layer Thermal Soundproof Curtains

HLC.ME’s soundproof curtains are an excellent choice for those who found the previous product reviewed to be intriguing. These two-ply curtains have a distinguishing feature: the thermal lining on the back is white. This detail makes them stand out from the other products on the list.

As an alternative to having two-tone curtains, many individuals are opting for three-layer curtains to ensure all sides of the windows are covered in the same fabric. This allows for greater flexibility in design, rather than being limited to one color on both sides.

In addition, these curtains offer the advantage of being able to insert different materials between the front and back fabrics via the unfastened bottom seam, unlike most three-layer curtains.

The manufacturer has suggested that the white lining serves an aesthetic purpose and can also enhance the energy efficiency of a home more efficiently than a black liner.

Furthermore, this liner is claimed to provide superior performance concerning noise and light absorption, although I am doubtful of this assertion. Nonetheless, it is universally accepted that introducing a white liner would be a welcomed alteration.

The aesthetic of the front-facing material should be the primary focus. The polyester drapes come in a variety of nine colors, mostly neutral though there are a few options in blue.

These curtains come in two widths- 42 or 52 inches- with a length range of 45 to 108 inches. The narrower curtains are equipped with six 1.6-inch metal grommets per panel, while the wider varieties have eight.

HLC.ME Curtains on Amazon


The advantages: Reduce noise quickly and affordably with soundproof curtains. The Disadvantages: Noise-canceling curtains cannot guarantee complete quietness.

If you are seeking a fast, cost-efficient, and straightforward sound-mitigation option, soundproof curtains are the ideal solution. A quality soundproof curtain will significantly reduce the amount of exterior noise, thus providing a peaceful environment.



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